About Me

Resume and Beyond

My resume gives an idea of my professional background, but it’s a “just the facts” summary that follows usual expectations in terms of length and language. Having set up this website gives me the chance to tell you a little more, though of course in the end you’ll want to contact me.

Once, when I attended a careers exploration workshop, my fellow attendees selected “mediator” and “diplomat” among the alternative careers for which I would be well-suited. These somewhat surprising suggestions were based on my personality. I tend to see the best in everyone, but not in a naïve or weak way. I understand the perspectives of others and I like to resolve conflict.

In the same way that I see the best in other people, I focus in on the positives of the work I do, When I answered the ad for what became my first full-time job, I thought it sounded rather dull and that I’d stay there perhaps a year or two. But actually doing the first project I was assigned was absorbing and enjoyable; I dedicated myself to it and to every new one that came along. Decades later I was still there and it took some discussion with my husband and others to realize I was unhappy, that the projects I had loved most had all faded away and that it was (past) time for me to move on too.

With job demands and a long commute, I couldn’t devote adequate time to a new job search. My husband has (as usual) been supportive, so I’m now staying at home to focus. Aside from regular visits to the gym and work with a local community group planning a “village election festival,”much of my time is spent sitting in a sunny spot where there’s a desk and a printer and I can career build to my heart’s content.

Happily there’s turned out to be a lot to it besides filling out applications (which I confess I do not usually find absorbing and enjoyable). I’m taking courses to expand my skills (online or at the local community college). I’m exploring different directions I might take my career since I was involved in so many functions at my old job. I’m networking at events and on social media. I’m learning all about many different organizations I never heard of before and their available positions. I’m talking with recruiters. I’ve even landed a part-time consultant position writing a blog on higher education admissions . And of course I’ve learned to build a website!


If you’d like to bring someone into your organization with research, writing, and editing talents who is intelligent, analytical, quick to learn, and easy to get along with, I might be your match. I’m focused primarily on positions in close reach of Columbia, MD and those served by commuter buses from Columbia (downtown Baltimore, Bethesda, Silver Spring, DC). Salary is negotiable; what the job would actually allow me to do is a bigger priority.

I look forward to hearing from you.