Blog posts. I write all content for a new blog created for Newton Education Services. It focuses on issues and tips related to gaining admission to higher education in the U.S., the U.K., or elsewhere. Check out current “Newton Knows” postings.



Eulogies. Haven’t come across many jobs in the eulogy market—perhaps it’s a dying field (groan). Primarily I post this one as a memorial to my best friend Matthew Ludlum, pushing back a little against his memory being lost.

Journalism. I’ve started doing regular freelancing for a community newspaper serving eastern Howard County, the Guilford Gazette. Here  is the first article I wrote for them. 

Marketing Materials. I’ve done all sorts of marketing pieces, from brochures to websites to e-mail campaigns. Here are two more “in-depth” (but still quick to the point) items. One is directed at addressing the fears of potential test centers and the other at employers, promoting a new hiring approach.

Proposals. I’ve written numerous successful proposals for the U.S. Department of State as well as for foreign governments and U.S. and international companies. This one was for an international university.



Technical writing. It’s rewarding to educate yourself with the experts, draw out their knowledge, then pass it on to new audiences in a clear and precise format. I wrote these instructions, designed for absolute beginners, to address the common and dreaded problem of a laptop that won’t boot up.